Director | VFX Supervisor

Rival Kingdoms Trailer.

April 9, 2015
VFX Supervisor | VFX Art Director |  Lead 2D Artist | Editor

Space Ape’s latest game is taking the App Store by storm. Our internal CG department, at Fire Without Smoke, worked closely with these guys to develop, storyboard and create a fully realised CG sequence that could compliment, and transition into, the addictive gameplay.

Our Guardian hero discovers huge statues of the Ancients in an old temple and her touch brings these mammoth fighters to life. With references taken from “The Hobbit” through to “Black Sails” our CG team got to work bringing these colossal Ancients to life. Working with Richard Jacques, a fantastic composer, the soundscape and music he created really gave the piece atmosphere.

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  • Skills:Commercials  /  Compositing  /  Director  /  Editing  /  Games Cinematics  /  Nuke  /  Nuke Studio