Director | VFX Supervisor

Smokestack – SCI-FI London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2014.

April 16, 2014

Director | Editor | Camera | VFX Supervisor | Nuke Lead Compositor | Hiero Artist

My¬†entry into the SciFi London 48 hour film challenge! We where given a title, an action and a line of dialogue on Saturday morning around 11am and had 48 hours to finish. The film was filmed, edited, scripted and finished in 48 hours by team “The Nuklear Post” and directed by Hugo Guerra. Featuring Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Haf Gibson, Cecillie Aclon, Raquel Claudino and Luigi Barzini it tells the story of 2 reporters searching an abandoned warehouse called Smokestack. Among the darkness and deserted rooms something mysterious is hidden, are you curious?

  • Client:SCI-FI London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2014
  • Skills:Camera  /  Compositing  /  Director  /  Editing  /  Nuke  /  Short Film